New generation of launchers

Techspace Aero is preparing equipment for the next generation of European launch vehicle.


VGC-X electrical valve

This valve is completely electrical, and is intended for the successor to the Vulcain engine, which provides the power for the Ariane 5 launch vehicle. It regulates the oxygen/hydrogen mixture ratio in the engine, and provides for more accurate control and greater flexibility. Its electric motor replaces the pneumatic flight actuator and the hydraulic actuator used for regulation purposes on ground.é It regulates hot gases at temperatures as high as 660°, under pressures of approximately 125 bars.

Following several electrical equipment projects carried out within Techspace Aero, this demonstration in an engine environment is confirmation of our know-how in relation to “taking a more electrical path”, which Europe seems to be adopting as its policy for its future launchers.


As part of the initial stage of the programme for developing future launch vehicles for the ESA, Techspace Aero has been selected by Snecma to design and develop most of the cryogenic valves for the SCORE-D engine (Staged Combustion Rocket Engine Demonstrator).